Unmask Fear

Robert Young | 2020

To Unmask Fear is to engage the unknown and erase ignorance with truth. When truth is revealed in its entirety, humankind will find that we are all on the same side of the sun and therefore compassion for one another will be reflected in positive right-action in the light of adaptation.” -Robert Young

As a multimedia storyteller with an unprecedented list of accomplishments behind and in front of the camera, Robert Young is experienced in the documentation, direction and presentation of strategic communications that serve the public interest. Through Young’s expertise in relatable content creation and communicative problem-solving he endeavors to have a significant impact on the national and global conversation surrounding truth in storytelling and its effect on industry and community.

“When I first arrived in the Nation’s Capital, on the heels of the pandemic becoming a national emergency, I maintained my peace of mind by walking literally everywhere. From the national mall to Union Market, I found inspiration in the solace that the quarantined-caused quiet streets provided. All I kept thinking was “This Too Shall Pass”