Celebrating Melanin & Black Heritage

Bryon Summers, Ashleigh Bing, James Anthony, Jeremy Ives & Adedayo Kosoko | 2020

Being a Black man/woman isn’t something you necessarily have to announce. On the surface, our differences are pretty visible. So visible, that it served as a catalyst for many, many years of oppression. There have been several tipping points in the past few decades in the United States of America and it feels as if the year 2020 is the last straw for most. The kettle has boiled over. The streets are on fire (figuratively & literally) and filled with daily protests demanding that our voices are heard and our
lives are protected.

What’s needed now more than ever, is for people to see, feel, & experience who we truly are. We are beautiful, proud, intelligent, creative, inspiring, and are demanding that the world finally acknowledges that. It’s important, as Black photographers, that we capture the love and light of our people and the space we occupy in humanity. It’s imperative that we celebrate each other in that way and invite others to see us in the same light.

That’s the purpose of this installation- to showcase our beauty, our variety, our interests & our pride- as seen through the lens of DMVbred Black photographers.


Saturday August 15 | 2PM | Instagram Live Tour + Virtual Artist Meet and Greet on @UnionMarketDC

Thursday, August 20 | 6:30PM | In Conversation with Claudia M. Watts, Managing Editor, WI Bridge: We Present What We Represent

What “ALL” Black lives means visually. A virtual panel discussion featuring all five artists.

Free + open to the public. RSVP HERE.

Photography By Bryon Summers

Hometown: Newark, NJ/ Lanham, MD
“It is our own duty to tell our stories, paint our pictures, and preserve our history.”

Photography By Ashleigh Bing

Hometown: Mitchellville, MD
“My favorite part of photography is documenting the moment for exactly what it is. Human interaction and connection is what we are missing in 2020.”

Photography By James Anthony

Hometown: Los Angeles/Brooklyn, NY
“I am a visual storyteller. I love evoking emotions and sharing my experiences with images. Documenting and creating is my legacy.”

Photography By Jeremy Ives

HOMETOWN: Washington DC / Maryland
“Everyday is an opportunity to live, for blessings and for family. I create because it’s necessary.”

Photography By Adedayo Kosoko

Hometown: New Carrollton, Maryland
“Capturing our moment is a true responsibility. Photography allows others to know we were here and we lived. The picture tells the story.”