• Where Creativity is Inspired

An inspiration ground for emerging and established artists, the Union Market District celebrates the power of creativity through its artists-in-residence, including John Dreyfuss, Maggie Michael and Dan Steinhilber, and murals with local, national and international artists Yoko Ono, Mariela Ajras, Mr. Brainwash, Bisco Smith, the Washington Post’s The Lily, Creative Theory, and more.

In addition to ongoing resident work and an evolving street art collection, Union Market District welcomes local and international artistic community partnerships and immersive experiences. Past creative collaborations include The Hirshhorn Museum PAINT (RED) SAVES LIVES , Halcyon’s By the People, DeNovo Gallery, Bryon Summers, Pierre Edwards, No Kings Collective, Creative Time, Hen House and JR x Time.

Creativity Thrives here. Come have your experience.

Featured Exhibit:

Unmask Fear

Robert Young | 2020

“To Unmask Fear is to engage the unknown and erase ignorance with truth. When truth is revealed in its entirety, humankind will find that we are all on the same side of the sun and therefore compassion for one another will be reflected in positive right-action in the light of adaptation.” -Robert Young